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Good Samaritan Day at Tramore Apartments

Thank you to all the residents for your hospitality and thanks to our wonderful staff of caregivers who spent their Saturday helping others.  Samaritan Senior Care helped do some “Fall Cleaning”, taking large items to the dumpster, hard to reach places, this is our give-back to a great apartment community. Sincerely, Rick Walsh Owner Samaritan […]

Our presentation on Natural Ways to Curb Your Risk of Alzheimer’s

We had a great time talking with the residents at Affinity, the topic of the day was curbing your risk of Alzheimer’s.  There are several easy to implement things we can do without a prescription, such as the anti-Alzheimer’s shopping list: Omega-3:  Fatty fish (wild-caught salmon, tuna, sardines), seeds and nuts (especially walnuts and flax […]

Natural Ways to avoid/relieve the Cold & Flu

Presented by: Rick Walsh, Owner of Samaritan Senior Care – Contact us: 208-893-6099   Despite advancements in medical care and treatment, traditional western medicine has little to offer in the care and treatment of the common cold. The following are natural, inexpensive things you can do to help beat the cold/flu:   Exercise – If […]